Estimating and Tendering

We are able to price your project in detail and provide a full rated schedule for each project consisting of labour, materials, plant and equipment, charges and profit margin. This way you can manage the hours allowed for each part of the works and record this information as you proceed so that you know how accurate your tender was, or see issues happening while you can still fix the issues instead of receiving nasty surprises.

We can provide these services on many platforms, including but not limited to CostX, Strumus, CostCon, Excel and more.

Some more estimating/pricing and tendering info

Do you think your tender offers could do with some design or wording improvements? Have you clearly set out the terms of your offer ?

When using provisional sums have you clarified that no management or time based costs are already included to administer the sum ? and if so have you referred to the standard method of measurement 4202:1995 for the reason why.

We will help you to present your tender offer and set out the terms to protect you against high risk items and so that you appear professional and up to the task.

We have worked closely with the largest construction projects in New Zealand and understand the terms and pricing items you should always allow for, and we can review your tendering calculations to ensure you haven’t made a critical mistake.