#HelpTheLittleGuy Campaign.

Great News announced today as contract control announces the help the little guy campaign, as we all know our Industry is in a bit of a mess, Contractors and Companies, yes, even long standing ones going bust and, or, in trouble, we aim in our own way to offer some help to the little guy, the contractor who is owed money but cant afford heavy Lawyers or Legal fees, so we have introduced the No Win No Fee service ( subject to conditions ).

Our Campaign Leaflet
Helping The Little guy.

Construction Contract Disputes

Construction Contract Disputes are a very common things these days, but did you know that there is legislation that allows a company like ours to help you, we can look at your situation and together with you work to find a quick solution, its possible that we can get you the money you asre owed, sometimes within a month, and lets say that your next question is " yes but Legal fees can be expensive " we agree, so thats why we have introduced or No Win No Fee service ( subject to terms ).

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