Professional Construction Services


Contract Control offers the benefit of a number of years of international and New Zealand experience in providing professional construction services to Developers, Engineers to contract and Contract Administrators, Construction contractors and subcontractors - across New Zealand.

Services such as claims disputes, contract administration, risk assessments of construction and services agreements, and commercial systems advice are available.

Note that we are able to offer independent services as an expert to parties who cannot agree on a matter so that an adjudication or other costly dispute method can be avoided. Similarly, contract assessments and clarification services can avoid future disagreements with a client or customer.

Contract Control fields Senior consultant experience with membership of professional bodies within New Zealand, including but not limited to NZIQS - the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors, AMINZ - the Arbitration and Mediation Society New Zealand, and SCL - the Society of Construction Law.

Our consultants can offer advice on any construction issue but specialize particularly in the New Zealand (NZS) form of contract, NEC3 and FIDIC.

Understanding construction contracts and clarifying at an early stage what should and should not be in them, greatly reduces the chance of a dispute with a client at a later stage. Some people are genuinely unlucky that they actually disagree on the meaning of a term or what should happen in a given situation and a good relationship must go to waste, we clarify most risks and wording so that each party knows the correct way to behave in any situation and have saved many relationships this way.

Construction contract risk review services

Have you been presented with a large construction contract or don't understand some tender documents ? what you do now is the most important part of a project !

Types of construction claim variations

Don't know how to recover types of losses ? Have you been delayed or frustrated by a Contractor or Client?

Construction debt collection and claims and invoicing services

Have you completed work and require assistance in recovering debt? New Zealand legislation may mean the debtor must pay .. and soon.

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