Final account services

We can provide a final sense check to your final account claim and assist you to find all you are entitled to claim prior to finalising the construction project.

We can check the documentation you have been asked to provide as a deliverable to make sure you aren't promising something you do not have to and are not signing up to something which is more onerous than in your contract or requirement at law.

Image of two men shaking hands with a number of contracts on a table

Process and document systems advice services

We have helped to design and implement processes for New Zealand's largest and well-known companies.

Are you ensuring that contract clauses are referenced on your notifications? Are you totally aware of your ongoing costs ? Have you applied for Practical Completion or have you submitted your Final Claim before your client gets to value it themselves?

If you would like the way you do things to be critically assessed for potential issues we are happy to help.

We are also able to provide business seminars for face to face tuition about the needs and need-nots of your business and/or a particular project.

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