Quantity Surveying services

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We can provide on the job and remote quantity surveying services as required with no further obligations to long time employment. 
Quantity surveyors help to ensure your project spend is less than your budget, and the revenue you make is maximised.

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Professional accreditations

The New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS) is the foremost professional body for our Kiwi QS’s however the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is also a well-respected similar professional body based in London, UK.

Contract Control provides NZIQS members when providing its quantity surveying services and abides by the NZIQS code of conduct.

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How we can provide quantity surveyors

We commission and employ appropriately skilled staff from around New Zealand.

Services can be provided remotely, or if you would prefer we can provide staff in person as required. Both types of service have benefits i.e. pricing a construction project for a tender can be done remotely if it is simply pricing from the contract documents, but it may be more efficient to attend in person if design meetings are required to develop the scope of the pricing in the first instance.

Benefits of temporarily hiring instead of employing.

The general benefits of hiring QS’s include:

1. You do not have to commit to full time employment of 1 person and avoid significant onboarding cost and potential employment disputes.

2. You may request a different QS at any time and are not bound to the use of 1 person.

3. You are not committed to keeping a QS busy and can hire services as you need, as little or as much as you require.

4. You do not need to spend resources making remote QS staff familiar with your systems and/or place of work in accordance with the HSAW Act.

5. All services provided by Contract Control are insured, our staff abide by our strict confidentiality policy and are professionally vetted for professional body membership and criminal convictions.

contract control
contract control

Knowing the law and the contract

The general expectation is that the QS must be proficient in understanding the law and the relevant contractual documents.

Some (most) parts of the applicable law i.e. the Construction Contracts Act 2002 may not be contracted out of by the parties, which means they will always apply as rules, but the contract fills in the rest of the details which the parties are free to decide between themselves.